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here you get now an overview of tattoo needles.

In general you can distinguish between the different types of tapers: The most common ones are Short Taper (ST), Medium Taper (MT), Long Taper (LT), Extreme Long Taper (XTL) () and Bug Pin (BP). 

The needle group describes the needle arrangement of each tattoo needle. This results in different needle groups in the world of tattoo needles, for example: Round Liner (RL), Straight Round Liner (SRL), One Off Liner (OOL), Round Shader (RS), Magnum (MG), Soft Edge Magnum (SEM).

The needle size defines the thickness of the individual tattoo needles on the needle bar.

Round Liner tattoo needles:

Round liner tattoo needles are perfect for your outlines. As the name Round Liner says, the tattoo needles are in a round arrangement. From very fine 0.25 mm Round Liner tattoo needles for wafer-thin lines up to powerful 0.35 mm RL tattoo needles, you decide yourself about the strength of your outlines.

One Off Liner Tattoo Needles:

One Off Liner tattoo needles are round needle arrangements, where the needles are taken out in the inner circle. This allows more color flow and you can draw strong, long lines.

Round Shader Tattoo Needles:

Round Shader - self-explanatory: All-rounder in terms of shadows. For fine and smooth transitions, whether on complicated or butter-soft skin. 

Straight Round Liner tattoo needles:

Straight Round Liner Tattoo Needles are the kings for fat outlines.

Use a MT or the usual Longtaper SRL depending on your preference. 

Magnum tattoo needles:

With Magnum tattoo needles you can work on small and large areas. With the Magnum needles you have the possibility to add color or shading to the skin.

Soft Edge Magnum tattoo needles:

Soft Edge Magnum tattoo needles are the rounded version of the Magnum. With them you can create super soft shadings, realism work and seamless color gradients in the skin of your customers. 

Bug Pin Tattoo Needles:

The term bug pin comes from entomology. On clever: Entomology. Insect preparations are attached to display cases with very fine pointed needles. These are called needles. This resulted in a very fine taper for the tattoo industry, which is comparable to the Extreme Long Taper (XLT). Therefore, there are bug pin tattoo needles only in certain needle sizes and needle groups.

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