Blaze Cartridges

Blaze Needle Cartridges - For the color in life

Blaze Needle Cartridges - For the color in life

Blaze Needle Cartridges are high quality needle modules for tattooing.
The needles are extra sharp to suit any style. The tip and the needle guide
are perfectly crafted to run as quietly as possible and provide maximum comfort.
Due to the precise guidance of the tip, the needle runs without breakouts, annoying clearance and
minimal abrasion! The combination of sharp needle and precise workmanship of the tip
support your exact working method.

The shape of the dipping blade provides a good and even flow of ink without splashing ink.
ink. The design of the tip allows optimal color control within the module.
Magnum and Soft Edge Magnum modules have an open design for smooth shadings and large
as well as large fillings to have permanent control over the ink reservoir. The exact
Magnum and Soft Edge Magnum is guaranteed by an extremely stable bridge.

A high-quality and extremely resilient safety diaphragm prevents liquids from flowing back into the machine.
backflow of liquids into the machine. Despite its stability, the diaphragm is so softly
that the module starts up even at low energy.

Blaze needle modules fit all standard grips and tattoo machines. A colored
ring on the needle module identifies the different needle types.